5 key advantages of React Native

3 min readJan 4, 2022


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React Native developers can develop apps that appear truly native while using web technologies that are well-known to a wide range of developers. They focus on the front end of the product, but they are also skilled at understanding the API services and infrastructure with which the app needs to combine. A React Native developer has a great compound of JavaScript and native platform skills, making them a useful device for any team that needs to expand its product across multiple platforms. They also understand when to attempt a fully native solution, and also when to practice JavaScript to maximize code reuse and understandability.

As a creation of the mobile app, it is currently a major obligation than the possibility, business enterprises are seeking energetic ways to leverage existing technologies in adopting the app. That’s why the demand for React Native development is increasing.

The 5 advantages of react-native platforms.

Hot Reload

An important feature of React Native is hot reload. That is it empowers the developer to renew the app in the React Native app development platform itself. The development time also gets upgrades with reloading the application automatically as the code changes. All the new changes made by the developer can also be detected through live tracking. Real-time data is elicited and an updated UI also will be created.


In React native coding can be built-in across platforms without complaining related to cost, plus apps can be generated and more than half of the code can be operated on other platforms. Also, concerning Quality, the costs required are minor because errors are highlighted then and there. The elements of UI are special to each platform with a common code base. The debugging time also is less corresponded to other frameworks because they have to be fixed only once thanks to common codes.

User Interface is simpler-

React Native mobile development appears more like a JS library rather than a framework because it is all regarding mobile UI. While developing an application, every action must happen systematically. Then the implementation of apps becomes organized and happens systematically. User Interface invented in React Native becomes more susceptible.

Code reusability

As discussed earlier, in react native we can reuse the code, and developers have considered it as the great advantage of this platform. With the decision of this framework, developers don’t require to build a distinct mobile app for each platform, as almost 90 percent of React Native code can be reused among iOS and Android.

Widens reach

Many companies assume building a mobile app can be pretty good for their sales channel. Handling this framework you can create a cross-platform app which is helpful because it lets the companies access a larger audience. With the help of one app, you can target both iOS and Android users at the same time.


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