Why Java is still famous

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There are many programming languages for designing and developing programs and creating web applications. But like everyone, knows that Java is amongst the leading programming languages. Moreover, besides remarkably much competition out there, we should be in wonder why Java is still a famous programming language. There are several new and perhaps even better development languages, so it’s difficult to estimate why Java is still very popular. Here are some of the main reasons let’s check it out!!!

Platform independence

the prime advantages of the Java programming language are platform independence. Developers can run Java programs on simply any computer that supports the Java Runtime Environment. This includes Windows, Mac, and Linux. Hence easily, Java apps can run anywhere, which benefits any developer.

An Object-Oriented Programming Language

Java is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language. Which produces and obtained entirely having OOP at its central core, just made this theory much more beautiful. Developers enjoy working with OOP because it gives an open and clear modular structure, advances codes to reusable, easy maintenance of the code, and speeds up the process of development. OOP also boosts the productivity of the programmer and also offers elasticity to choose from elegant inbuilt libraries.

Java is user-friendly

Java holds an English syntax, which presents the perfect language for newcomers who can easily learn Java in two phases — start with Core Java and then improve into Advanced Java. Thus, Java has a simple and manageable learning curve. And if you have the foundational knowledge of C and C++, it won’t take long for you to understand Java.

Java for everything!

Java is the staple programming language for creating Web apps, Android apps, and software tools. Now, Java application has been developed to Data Science applications, Machine Learning applications, and even IoT. Developers and programmers prefer Java for designing every before-mentioned applications because Java has a series of high-level tools and packages that make it possible to create highly scalable solutions. Also, Java is multi-platform compatible.

A robust community backs Java

The biggest reason for the high demand in Java is its rich and dynamic center support. It possesses about being the second-largest amongst the Stack Overflow community. So, rest guaranteed, you can rely on the Java community to help you out if you ever get stuck in a programming rut.

Java has excellent documentation

Java is an open-source programming language, which intends it is completely free. Another unique quality of the language is that Java is well-documented. It has a thoroughly detailed guide that will simplify the problems that you may face while coding in Java.


Again there are more remarkable reasons that can make you decide to choose offshore Java developers in India. The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is friendly with almost all devices and platforms, from Macintosh, Linux/Unix, Windows, to other mainframe systems and even mobile devices. Never wonder why Java is an infinite force in the application right now!




I am a php developer with more than 10 years of experience and I enjoy programming because it gives me a lot of problems to solve every day.

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I am a php developer with more than 10 years of experience and I enjoy programming because it gives me a lot of problems to solve every day.

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